Virtual EAG 2020: Fireside chat—AI governance (Markus Anderljung and Ben Garfinkel)

Markus Anderljung and Ben Garfinkel discuss how they got into the field of AI governance and how the field has developed over the past few years. They discuss the question, “How sure are we about this AI stuff?”, and finish with an update on GovAI’s latest research and how to pursue a career in AI governance.

Markus is a Project Manager at the Centre for the Governance of AI (“GovAI”). He is focused on growing GovAI and making their research relevant to important stakeholders. He has a background in history and philosophy of science, with a focus on evidence-based policy and philosophy of economics. Before joining GovAI, Markus was the Executive Director of Effective Altruism Sweden.

Ben is a Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute and a DPhil student at Oxford’s Department of Politics and International Relations. Ben’s research interests include the security and privacy implications of artificial intelligence, the causes of interstate war, and the methodological challenge of forecasting and reducing technological risks. He previously earned degrees in Physics and in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University.

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