Operations Career Stories | Alfredo Parra, Marisa Jurczyk, Anne le Roux

Alfredo supports the Legal Priorities Project in operations. Before joining, he worked as Operations Analyst and then COO at the Center on Long-Term Risk and its parent organization, the Effective Altruism Foundation. He has a BSc in Engineering Physics from Tec de Monterrey, Mexico, and an MSc and a PhD in Computational Science from the Technical University of Munich.

Marisa helps with a variety of day-to-day operations at Rethink Charity, including HR, legal compliance, and website maintenance. Previously, Marisa volunteered as a Student Leader Coordinator for Students for High-Impact Charity. Marisa graduated Summa Cum Laude from Loyola University New Orleans with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Anne is a member of the central operations team at the Future of Humanity Institute and works closely with the Centre for the Governance of AI. She holds a Mathematics degree with a dissertation on Autonomous Drones and Dynamic Game Theory. Her background is in events coordination and community building, and her primary interests are ‘field building‘ for AI governance, creating improved career-pipelines, and increasing absorptive capacity for junior talent.

This talk was taken from EA Student Summit 2020. Click here to watch the talk on the Centre for Effective Altruism YouTube channel.

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