How to help group members make effective career plans | Huw Thomas & Alex Holness-Tofts

Huw and Alex talk about some of the resources and events they’ve found most useful for helping group members with career planning. The workshop aims to be a broad overview, particularly for group leaders without much previous experience of guiding group members through career decisions.

Huw Thomas develops resources for EA university groups, and assists them with strategy and planning. Before joining CEA, he studied mathematics and philosophy at the University of Oxford. He has been funded by a CEA community building grant to work on various projects, including leading the EA Oxford student group and launching the Student Career Mentoring Program.

Alex studied Physics at Oxford University before working in operations at the Global Priorities Institute. He is particularly interested in opportunities for broad longtermism work and patient philanthropy and is planning on doing graduate study in Economics.

This talk was taken from EA Student Summit 2020. Click here to watch the talk with the PowerPoint presentation.

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