EAGxVirtual 2020: Lightning Talks

Following a rigorous selection process, we’re pleased to present the following five-minute lightning talks.

Cecilia Tilli
Antimicrobial resistance: A cause that joins global health and development with longtermism and biosecurity?

Noga Aharony
Aiming towards a biosecurity career from grad school

Jennifer-Justine Kirsch
The next frontier: Lessons learned from an EA fish startup

Sid Efromovich
Introducing Generation Pledge

Michael Aird
Why we need a database of existential risk estimates

Jessica McCurdy
The case for virtual cross-university fellowships

Roy Head
Development Media International and COVID-19

Juan Bartolomé García Martínez
Microbial protein as food for the apocalypse

Jack Lewars
Open a ‘One for the World’ chapter and change the world

Frankie Andersen-Wood
I’m not qualified to give this talk

James Fodor
Pitfalls of Bayesian reasoning

Chloe Dempsey
Cultivated meat: Does the Chinese consumer have an appetite?

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