EAG 2019 SF: Manufacturing medical countermeasures against catastrophic biothreats (Daniel Gastfriend)

The United States is underprepared for a catastrophic pandemic. A recent simulation conducted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security found that an engineered pathogen could overwhelm U.S. and global response capacity, killing more than 150 million people within 20 months. One important reason: The U.S. lacks the capacity to manufacture medical countermeasures (MCMs) fast enough to contain a global outbreak.

In this academic session, Daniel Gastfriend, a recent visiting scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, discusses three categories of emerging technologies that could improve our MCM production capabilities: flexible manufacturing, platform technologies, and localized distributed manufacturing.

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This talk was filmed at EA Global 2019: San Francisco. You can learn more about these conferences at eaglobal.org.

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